Your Headaches Might Be Starting From The Neck

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A person who has not experienced a headache during their lifetime is a mythical creature. With stressful work tempos, product of our modern global market, regular (and usually unexplained) headaches affect all of us. Curiously, this widespread ailment seems pretty beneficial for the pharmaceutical industry. Daily we’re bombarded with commercials promoting headache medicines in the most targeted and elaborate ways.

Headaches have become so common that they’re now considered normal. If you’re one of the people who doesn’t mind popping a pill every time the pain gets to you, be aware that this is a behavior that only mitigates symptoms, and doesn’t solve the problem. There is a powerful alternative to treat headaches without pills that you should know about: chiropractic care.

What causes headache?

It’s difficult to get out of your head when there’s a throbbing pain emanating out of it. If your headaches are infrequent, they might not require much attention. However, if you’re one of every five people who has frequent and long-lasting headaches, you probably require additional treatments. If the cause of your headaches is located in the back or neck area of your spine, then the key to treatment could literally be in the hands of your chiropractor.

Know the source of your aches and pains

Know the source of your aches and pains

Around 90% of headaches is caused by a defect (static or biomechanical) in the spine’s function along your neck. Sometimes-tiny malfunctions will progressively disrupt the normal functioning of your spine. As vertebrae undergo high pressure and stress (particularly in your neck with the mechanics of moving your head), the muscles become overly tense. This is where headaches kick in

From neck pain to headache

Neck pain is the symptom of corporate working man. This might come as no surprise after sitting in front of the computer all day long. The best shot you have at a healthy, fully-functional spine is by taking proper care of all its segments. If the contact between vertebrae and discs is disrupted in any part of your spine, it will lead to damage. And guess what causes disruption? Stress: emotional and physical. Stress plays a major role in the disruption of individual spine segments, as it constricts the muscles around them.

Dislocation of the first vertebrae along your neck is another common cause of headaches. The first segment of your spine covers the medulla oblongata, or the control center for motivation, concentration and mood. Dislocations of these first spinal segments are spurred by convulsion in surrounding muscles; once again, muscles react to intense emotions, such as stress.

How does chiropractic treatment help with headaches?

Chiropractic treatment is an alternative health technique focused on the relationship between the structure and function of the body. When neck vertebrae are damaged, it’s only a matter of time until more headaches plague your daily routine. Chiropractic care is extremely efficient in the treatment of headaches, especially considering that the bulk of headaches have no pathological or organic cause. But wait, what does that mean? It means that after visiting a doctor for frequent headaches, they might not be able to find anything “wrong.”

The goal of your chiropractor is to detect the disrupted function of your spine and normalize it. The very source of your headaches is treated quickly and without more pain. Chiropractic treatment addresses dislocated or poorly-functioning segments of your spine, and gives you long-term peace of mind in lieu of popping another pill.

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