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  • Two weeks after my first visit for my torn hamstring, I won first in 300m hurdles at regional's. It was the most amazing and fulfilling moment in my life and I owe it to Dr. Griffin.

    Matt Davenpart
    Matt Davenpart Legacy High School Track
  • Dr. Griffin's expertise and application of ART healed my torn hamstring allowing me to run half-marathons again. I gladly refer Dr. Griffin to all my runner friends.

    Lori Brown
    Lori Brown
  • Dr. Griffin does an amazing job helping my athletes recover from soft tissue injuries. He is a huge asset to my personal sports medicine team.

    Chris Lemoine
    Chris Lemoine Athletic Trainer
  • Dr. Griffin has been a miracle worker with my IT Band Syndrome and various Crossfit ailments. He's the go-to guy to get me through miles and miles of Triathlon, Marathon, and Crossfit training.

    Carrie Goff
    Carrie Goff Ironman Finisher
  • To Dr. Griffin Thanks 4 healing me so I can Ride!!

    Ben Lamay
    Ben Lamay AMA Supercross
  • I was struck with a tendon injury which prevented me from running the last three weeks leading up to Ironman, TX. Many thanks to Dr. Griffin for working his ART magic that helped me recover quickly before the event.

    E.J. Ironman Triathlete Coach
  • I’ve spent a lot of time over my life going to chiropractors. Due to nature of my work, I moved and therefore have been to many chiropractors across the US and here in Texas. I went to Dr. Griffin because he specialized in sport injuries. I didn’t have a sport injury, I don’t even play sports, but I wanted to go to someone who would treat my issues like a “sports injury” and work with me until it was resolved. Wow, I hit the jackpot. I shared my thoughts with Dr. Griffin on my first visit and said that I wanted to tackle my 3 bulging discs and low back pain with all options and ideas. I had been to many other chiropractors and referrals to Orthopedic surgeons, but I never found what I was looking for. I wanted ideas about how I can help these heal or at least lessen the pain, what did I need to strengthen, what did I need to watch for or do differently, etc. I’ve been coming here for about 6 months, I am so pleased and I love the approach that Dr. Griffin and his staff take regarding my treatment. Lastly, I am so impressed with the welcoming and warm greetings and support from Valerie and Karlie EVERY SINGLE TIME I arrive. Not just on a good day, but EVERY DAY! So impressed with all of you!

    Lisa Moreland
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